Click a Pic & Upload.
Collaborate & Approve.
Accounting Done.

Simple. No-Nonsense Software. To make Book Keeping a breeze.


Why another Accounting Software

We are not building Unmaze as an Accounting Application. We are building it as a collaboration tool for Accounting Teams. We started out as outsourced accountants for SMB’s who had difficulty with their bookkeeping. We did it all – periodic visits to punch in a week or sometimes even a month’s worth of data in a single sitting (how that’s useful for a client, we could never understand), transporting box files back and forth between offices, dealing with conflicting Tally Backups, etc.  It all seemed inefficient. So we built Unmaze. To foster collaboration in the Accounting function.

What if someone – anyone – could upload basic information on transactions as they happened, in real time, by simply clicking a pic. The interface should be so simple that anyone with no accounting knowledge should be able to upload the information. We could build workflow protocols to ensure these transactions would be accounted only after necessary approvals from management. We could also build an accounting engine that would automatically pass the accounting entries without manual intervention, once the transactions were approved.

And thus, Unmaze was born. Unmaze has matured over the last 4 years where over 50 clients across industries – manufacturing, e-commerce, education, entertainment, energy, healthcare, real-estate, food supplements, restaurant chains, etc- have implemented and been using Unmaze successfully.


Cloud-based – accessible anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection.


You don’t have to know anything about debit or credit to use Unmaze.


Collaborative tool – anyone organization-wide can use Unmaze to upload financial transactions, easing the burden of data entry for the Accounting Team.


All transactions pass through an Upload – Approve – Record protocol – strong internal controls to ensure only approved transactions are accounted for.


Digital repository of all supporting documents.


Easy upload and download of data using excel utilities.


Role based access – so only authorized people are able to view transactions.


Tally Integration – so accounting entries are automatically backed up in Tally if so required.


Multi-entity architecture to support Single Grid Overview over Group-wise finances.


Integrated Inventory and Production modules.


Vendor Management System with Plug and play Vendor Self Service Portals.


Strong Management Reporting framework with accounting and performance metrics reports.